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The church was built in 1276, in an area where a previous religious building stood, since the first half of 13th century also dedicated to the Saints Philip and Augustine, 

It is a typical 13th century “preachers’ church” with one nave ending with three apses, whereof the central apse is double the size of the lateral ones.

The church was very rich in decorations, but unfortunately most of it was destroyed and went lost during the bombing of the Second World War on the 11th March 1944.

The main damage is in the presbytery area, where only the frescoes by Guariento, painted in the 2nd half of 14th century, reproducing “ The life of St. Philip and St. Augustine” still survive on the left wall.

The Ovetari’s Chapel was rebuilt after the war. According to the man who commissioned it, the cycle of frescoes with the Lives of St. Christopher and St. James’s completed by Andrea Mantegna would have to represent a comparison between the Paduan and the Venetian painting schools.

The two frescoes by Mantegna, “the Assumption of the Virgin Mary” and “St. Christopher’s martyrdom”, were replaced in the original site after the reconstruction of the church. They were not damaged by the bombing having been removed just before the war.

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