Padua and its surroundings: The walled towns

An itinerary to discover the walled towns which had been  built in order to protect the Northern and Southern borders of the Paduan territory against attacks.

Cittadella: with its surrounding walls and panoramic route, Museum housed in the Malta Tower, Cathedral, Praetorian Palace and Theatre; Monselice with its surrounding walls,  inner city,  Cini’s Castle,  old Cathedral and the pilgrimage route of the “Sanctuary of the seven Churches” with Villa Duodo from the outside. Este: with the Marquis Castle,  Atestino Archeological National Museum and  Cathedral dedicated to Saint Tecla. Montagnana: with its nearly intact medieval walls, with the fortified gates:  Rocca degli Alberi and Ezzelino’s Tower,  inner city,  Archeological Museum,  Cathedral and  Villa Pisani.

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